Kendrick Lamar – ELEMENT –

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10 Responses

  1. Abdirahman Said says:

    Do some shit that makes no sense period
    Everybody pretends like they do
    And call it Conscious rap

  2. king owl253 says:

    White people : Kendrick Lamar is Racist
    White people : Trump just tells it how it is

  3. Arakiiz says:

    Rap video in 2k17 w/out bitches ? God bless Kendrick

  4. Eworld says:

    He is Everything…all this other rappers are just seat fillers ….

  5. Dawn Xtreme says:

    I don’t do fa da gram I do it fa COMPTON

  6. Immanismjr says:

    Such a good video. I can’t realy understand his english, but i like the video.

  7. TheRusherzg says:

    whos here before 1 mil

  8. med deguige says:

    kendrik is a racist nigga

  9. Mateooo Montayora says:

    If I gotta take a big ol dump, imma make it look sexy

  10. YouBetterDropTheSoap says:

    I want my parole to show up already

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