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10 Responses

  1. GDragon'stan vip says:

    Justin and pharell?❤???

  2. Lexi Carrell-wagner says:

    This is definitely not the best song I’ve ever heard from him ?

  3. TheVasilezation says:

    Not so JT song as I expected,what’s with the pyramid and bowing and illuminati,and stuff?

  4. Thanuj Balamurali says:

    New billboard steal song? Yes or No??

  5. Jennifer Souza says:


  6. Gabby Pahinui says:

    Joyner lucas, where you at

  7. Dorka Noemy Antequera says:

    Eiza Gonzalez !!!!!! buen video…

  8. Lisa Barber says:

    I love Justin but these first 2 songs from this album a huge disappointment! Terrible.

  9. Nasser Feed says:

    JT I love you but this song is cheap as fq, you’re better than this

  10. Spring Gaiming says:

    Supplies” from Man of the Woods
    Official Music Video directed by Dave Meyers

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