Jessi – Down –

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10 Responses

  1. Rikorange mx says:


  2. Emz X says:

    Luvvvv. And the man in this video is gorgeous sweet gods.

  3. yutoda lj says:


  4. sukanya chakrabarty says:

    Ok so this doesn’t need any age approval but Holland’s I’m not afraid needs for a deep kiss. Shame on the YouTube team. A girl’s booty is far more attractive than a gay kiss. We got it right. I’m not disliking this video. Just suggesting that just like this a kiss should be considered naturally

  5. Yu_gyeom says:

    Queen Jessi!!!

  6. DaeRyuk Jang says:

    This mv is lil bit too hot for some sad koreans. Too Americanized? too explicit with the message? Fuck off. It’s just Jessi being Jessi.

  7. saranghaeyo says:

    FIRE ??

  8. jazmin olivar says:

    love uuuu! <3

  9. Anais Avip says:

    Me encanta como esto me recuerda a un video de una latina. Aguante Jessi latina!!~~

  10. Giovanna G says:

    Jessi queen, this is a bop!!!!

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