HRVY – I Wish You Were Here –

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10 Responses

  1. itsyogirllyla Add me says:

    Omg how is this song soooooo good ohhh wait a second that’s because it’s HRVY

  2. Katarzyna Dziób says:

    I love it ! I love your voice! You are amazing person!❤️?? Kocham Cię!!!?

  3. Rayan Al-Tobli says:

    Love your songs and you hrvy ?❤️?

  4. Mich says:

    Me encanta ???

  5. Valentina OMG says:

    1:08 ????????

  6. Steven Trevino says:

    ok well now i want an acoustic album.

  7. HØØP AŁŁY says:

    I wish you were here! Like seriously lol ????

  8. Menna Mohamed says:

    Can you come cairo

  9. Esme playzroblox079 2 says:

    i love you

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