Halsey – Without Me – ipasm.com

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10 Responses

  1. NoSleepYet says:

    halsey should create more cool songs like colours etc. her latest songs dont bring you in the feel. i dont know why but according to me. im one of your biggest fans but bring cool songs GIRRRRLLLLL

  2. Kitty Lillian says:

    This makes my bills wanna pay me

  3. Eyenapple says:

    Okay so am i the only one that thinks at 3:20 the girl in the front looks EXACTLY like the girl in Lil Peeps spotlight music video? Like omg

  4. Itskendr aak says:

    Notice how the dude in the video sort of looks and dressed like geazy

  5. B MC says:

    Drove to Colorado and heard this joint. Found out it is Halsey and now it’s super sexy.??

  6. Y S says:

    She even got a guy in the video who looks similar to g eazy GO HALSEY

  7. Amal dev says:

    In the end he looks like William Dafoe

  8. Time Bomb says:

    I got a Halsey currys pc world ad

  9. Lina Smith says:

    Hadi bakalım TÜRKLERIN gücünü görelim bakalım ?❤??????❤? Türkiyemmm

  10. Sonu Mor says:

    So… nic

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