G-Eazy, Carnage – Down For Me ft. 24hrs – ipasm.com

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10 Responses

  1. Rafael Ojeda says:

    Body like Rhianna? ? she ain’t that good

  2. 219toChi says:

    so fucking lame

  3. Shafirulev Affiynz says:

    G-Eazy da best ❤️

  4. Maranex Gaming says:

    so who let Ivanka Trump star in this music video???? ?

  5. Malia Masonheimer says:

    ⚄It’s only a matter of time before this song is top hit number one! Good fucking job to G-Eazy, Carnage, & 24hrs… ⚄ This shit’s ☆FiRe~DoPe☆ We all know it doesn’t get any better than that…

    ⚃ G~Eazy I’m a TRU FAN..!⚃ Congratulations making your dreams a reality..!

  6. Destiny Kulesh says:

    G is finally back. Thank God

  7. yo yo says:

    g easy in this video looks like negan from twd

  8. •Woozie• says:


  9. MrFreaky says:

    i don’t like this small head special effect, think they should leave g-eazy with his natural big bobble head!!

  10. Oakland Twins says:

    g eazy lyric game is pretty weak

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