French Montana ft. Drake – No Stylist –

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10 Responses

  1. Nadir Hussein says:


  2. OzZ OzMaN says:

    french tryn rap like migoe’s. . smh!

  3. zouni Tfr says:

    French montana wa bravo a sahbi ?

  4. PRO R Gamer says:

    They look alike

  5. tesneem ahmed says:

    Damn??????lit as F

  6. Senpai Francis says:


  7. UnstoppablePiggy says:

    1:55 – 1:58 someone give him a brutish citizenship already

  8. Alejandro Flores says:

    Z. z z. ZZ ZZZZ. ZzZzZZZ zZzZzZZ ZZ. ZZ and

  9. vlone carti says:

    drake been around with u.k. niggas to much lmfao

  10. Ahùon Athsikrut says:


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