Chris Brown – Hope You Do –

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10 Responses

  1. Leena Moeun says:

    Love this song ??

  2. Tray Breezy says:

    King of pop

  3. Ninination Slay says:

    Ok Chris Brown I see u ❤️??

  4. Caleb Savage says:

    who else thinks that the rhythm and the beat remind you of Don’t by Bryson tiller

  5. PacmanTV ENT says:

    Subscribe to my YouTube channel PacmanTV ent and support and ima sub back to you and do the same #LetsBeGreat #GetThisYoutubeMoney #LikeMyVids #ImaDoTheSame I promise ??? Yeen gotta watch if you don’t want to but click play to gimme a view on it????‍♂️

  6. Tati Tati says:

    Didn’t even get to watch the video n I pressed like ?????

  7. Sherine Amoit says:

    Love that most of the dancers are girls. YEPPIE GIRRLLLS

  8. Alex BTS Miller Ayala says:

    Chris brown is back yes favorite dancer and favorite singer

  9. kenny solibet says:

    I love this music video…! #solidchrisbreezy more music video..

  10. Mila Thorpe says:

    I’m gonna remind y’all this is the guy that nearly killed Rihanna but because he apologised it’s fine I’d just like to say that I’m not happy that you are all praising him, he is literal poison

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