Bruno Mars – Versace On The Floor –

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10 Responses

  1. Chayse Poikea says:

    I was here before 10 billion views.

  2. Mushfiqur Rahman says:

    She don’t gonna close with Bruno. Cuz, Zendaya 11 years little than Bruno. ??

  3. trinity k says:

    plz somebody tell me that zendaya

  4. Lo Jai says:

    The woman gonna call the police

  5. SammyD0dger says:

    Have u still got the Disney contract

  6. Poonam Giri says:


  7. Jono Little says:

    I only came for zendaya ??

  8. Ketelly Cristina says:


  9. Vickram Chandi says:

    Why is Versace on the floor ?

  10. belle romualdez says:

    Love This…..

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