Bleachers – Alfie’s Song (Not So Typical Love Song) –

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10 Responses

  1. TitanictheShipofDreams says:

    This is just the best…. really good road trip song! <3

  2. Rebecca Shaw says:

    I am Feelin it

  3. starburst says:

    Do you guys answer questions

  4. mike L says:

    had a fucking blast on set, great video and song

  5. Joseph de Marcos says:

    Love simon ❤

  6. Evelyn Lorena says:

    So proud by Harry Styles to be part of this

  7. Elijah Leung says:

    Zack from buzzfeed?

  8. Voits Winkler says:

    kool song

  9. Henry TheGreatAmerican says:

    Not feeling this song. Very weak. That generic drum beat is extremely annoying. Time for Jacky boy to step back and update his musical style

  10. Digit Smith says:

    why did he make a song for a gay movie and make the video straight lol

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