Beauty and the Beast –

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  1. Logan Jean Scott says:

    Not that I wanna be negative about this MV, loved the song totally, but what’s with the poofy red dress on Ariana – I dun quite know to describe it though… Kinda… Oh well… erm… Oh never mind… iiicks… U would seriosuly they could’ve come up with a better more silhouette-friendly couture gowns or something classy instead of this frivolous laces… :O

  2. Zelos Wilder says:

    holy this is bad

  3. Mahima Mehta says:

    why does ariana grande look like my loofa

  4. Kylie-Ariana Khalifa says:

    I don’t know how it’ll sound but Ariana has kinda like sweet voice that’s why she’s my fav singer

  5. THE PRAYZ TV SHOW says:

    That moment lol….

  6. T E says:


  7. Sharvari Ng says:

    Ariana Grande doesn’t look good in this video

  8. Wiz Khalifa says:

    rare moment of ariana with her hair down I don’t care DisneyMusic buy youtube views from *AUTHENTIC* *HITS* *dot* *com*

  9. FatCat S says:

    is Ariana wearing……cotton candy?? ?

  10. BRAVE GAmErsgirls says:


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