Bakermat – Don’t Want You Back, ft. Kiesza –

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10 Responses

  1. Konstantin Pavelko says:

    деревянная тёлка!

  2. Zsuzsanna Kovács says:

    SummerTopThen.Before KIESZA camin’back Ower!

  3. Slim Zrig says:

    great voice and

  4. Manuel Bonini says:

    she is so underrated she is so freaking good

  5. La Mouette says:

    I always listen this song

  6. Z-Myle says:

    ce son mais l’ambiance c’est bien bakermat ?

  7. Duka Videos says:

    Lol, is that a he or a she at 1:54 (the one at the right side)?

  8. MrJohnn96 says:

    fucking awesome!

  9. Adrinalinisches says:

    2:16 Whip

  10. Rafael Nacif de Toledo Piza says:

    Mind control piece of shit… just saying.

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