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10 Responses

  1. Geraldin Sanchez says:

    this gives me 80’s Halloween vibe AND I LOVE IT

  2. Toni 1362 says:

    The song is really cool! But the video… idk… the gold concept was cool, but the rest was too much…

  3. Facundo Arkangel says:

    omg it’s fantastic!

    Greetings from Argentina~

  4. nøtella says:

    OMG!! Guys I’m so proud for finally look what you want to be for years… I’M SO PROUD THAT YOU FINALLY LOOK PUNK ROCK ??

  5. Yoonmin IsLifeu says:

    Woah this was a huge change from their other stuff and I love it so much??

  6. Spanish Lovers says:

    Absolutely love this song!
    Please check out the lyrics video I made, thank you!

  7. Amanda Crocker says:

    My first time with this song and loving it xxx

  8. emily b says:

    why do people even like this band? this song sucks they suck!

  9. ms believerr says:

    lol liked em up until this blatant plagiarism of arctic monkeys feckin b-tech why’d u only call me when ur high

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