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10 Responses

  1. vina vinul says:

    free movie 4kultra hd

  2. Nate Golden says:

    made me pucker.

  3. Naomi Arizmendi says:

    the movie is not good only one survive and half the movie is. a ilussion

  4. The_haxter says:

    but sharks don’t try to eat humans

  5. The_haxter says:

    they do it by mistake

  6. cantika putri says:

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  7. Test Channel says:

    How many seconds per shark appearances in this trailer? No more Jaws movies. No build up. Just crunch.

  8. Srinjoy Goswami says:

    Well, I saw the whole movie in the trailer only.

  9. Danpie says:

    This looks terrible.

  10. WeWatchedAMovie says:

    This happens every time I go out with Mandy Moore. God, I’m so over it just w/e idk smh.

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