Zedd & Katy Perry – 365 – ipasm.com

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10 Responses

  1. Zedd says:

    “365” OUT NOW!!!

  2. Lateefa. H says:

    i’m hoooookkkeeeddd

  3. Allyson Watts says:

    Why is that in all of her recent music videos there’s always people who are doing something to her OMGGGG ????‍♀️?

  4. Y K L says:

    Love the video katiee! Lol where u been I haven’t heard u in a minute ❤??Sucks that most of the vets aren’t getting the reconization(is that a word? Lol)they deserve and are underrated they all have great voices and I can’t wait for beyonce new album and Rihanna’s I wish all the earlier artist and vets made a comeback and btw everyone I started a new channel so if u subscribe that would be very much appreciated! First video coming soon!❤??

  5. mia seavey says:

    alita vibes huh ?

  6. Caro_ shawnito says:

    Zedd is so good!

  7. Nasty Plot says:

    @3:18 reminds me of Carrie. Do you guys agree? So obsessed with the song ?

  8. Olivier Marshall says:

    I miss Katy Perry with long hair 🙁

  9. Ultra R6s says:

    Ok I’m on the weird side of internet again

  10. sylvia shim says:

    Oh……no…. she not the one..
    That’s why this song called 365 this melody is awsome~

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