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4 Responses

  1. Eva Eleni says:

    Diets aren’t sustainable

  2. Vagical Boink says:

    This stuff does not work?

  3. Christine Padgett says:

    …yes it does, I’ve tried it and I’ve lost 12lbs in 7 weeks! Aged 66, I’m
    of an age when maintaining a healthy weight is more challenging. Despite
    being active – I walk around 20-30 miles every week, I just could not keep
    my weight at a level I was comfortable with. Until I was 52, I weighed
    around 9st – 9st 7lbs, but then I became a victim of “middle aged spread”
    and ballooned to 11st.10lbs in three months – I was mortified! I tried a
    slimming club and did lose about 18lbs but found it difficult to maintain.
    That’s when I got into walking and have walked every week since. This
    helped me maintain my weight, but over the last couple of years my weight
    has crept up again to over 11st. Then, at the end of August, I saw an
    advert for Yokebe and thought I’d give it a try, after all, what had I got
    to lose but weight? I’d never tried a meal replacement diet before, so
    didn’t know what to expect, but I’m so glad I tried it. I feel so much
    better, more lively, active and I never feel hungry! My goal is to get to
    10st, so only 4lbs to go, but already I am able to wear the lovely clothes
    that have hung in my wardrobe, unworn for the past 2 years.

  4. Christine Padgett says:

    26th November 2016: Update on my weight loss. Well, it is now 12 weeks
    since I began my diet and I have surpassed all my expectations. I now weigh
    9st 12lbs – a total weight loss of 18lbs and the lightest I’ve been in 15
    years. I feel so much better, no longer sluggish and tired but active,
    lively and eager to get up in the morning. I went to a family get-together
    last week and wore a size 12 dress I hadn’t worn for two years. It was a
    wonderful feeling when the zip on my dress offered no resistance at all,
    AND I got chatted up at the bar to boot! My plan now is to maintain my
    weight, I very much enjoy the eating plan I have designed for myself, full
    of healthy nutritious food and I’m still able to have a drink and enjoy a
    meal out now and again. I certainly couldn’t have done it without Yokebe,
    it definitely put me on the right path.

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