YG ft. Quavo – Slay – ipasm.com

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10 Responses

  1. Ess_Omar says:

    Yg sucks on this

  2. Big O says:

    How many albums did yg last album sell?

  3. Oskars GCT says:




  5. Krissy Milly says:

    New favorite song PERIOD! Follow me on ig msmillani_onfleek, msmillaniboss snap

  6. richdee1027 says:

    quavo  please me some jewelry /carmel drive unit 7

  7. En1gma Kish says:

    This song has no sense lol the autotune is not their thing..

  8. Seth Campbell says:

    Quavo got a trapper keeper on his chest

  9. Kaitlyn O'Hara says:

    Wow, just love the blatant continuous sexualization of women. When will rap and hip hop videos actually have something worth sharing other than women as fucking prizes?? Smh… We’re not you’re Goddamn money makers on YouTube.

  10. Burke Campbell says:

    YG get off whatever shit you putting up your nose.

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