Weight loss using Meal Measure – ipasm.com

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4 Responses

  1. cromerbeach says:

    I noticed the portion control tool is quite high up so if you filled them
    youed over eat right

  2. photogher says:

    On most diets, salads and and most veggies are unlimited, so portion
    control should actually not apply to those at all. In fact, you want
    people to fill their plates full of salad and veggies. It’s the meat and
    any starch (rice or potatoes or bread or pasta) that needs to be measured

  3. Mamasue's Treasure says:

    No joke, this is an “AWESOME” tool! I just both one.
    You fill it up to the top with raw veggies and only to the half line if
    the veggies are cooked.
    I believe the fruit is to the is to the top, but fruit like apple sauce
    is to the half line.
    On the meat fill to the line inside. and on starch, to the line inside.
    This is a must have…..”LOVE IT!

  4. Marya Boyd says:

    Thank you, I seen these videos but you are the only one so far I seen
    actually demonstrate placing food in the plate. i really appreciate you.

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