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10 Responses

  1. La Serpenta Canta says:

    obscene film about war criminals.

  2. EuromanMovieReport says:

    Great film and surprisingly it doesn’t make Cheney look like a 100 % bad guy.

    My review

  3. Napier Nygma says:

    where was Christian Bale on that trailer
    what a click bait

  4. Axl Roast says:

    1:08 holy fucking shit Christian, you are out of this world

  5. John Lawrence says:

    Without a doubt the most depressing film I have ever seen.
    I just had to leave after the clip of madman Blair talking a totally emasculated British parliament into going to war with Iraq. What dark terrible days those were.
    And still he won’t admit he was about as wrong as it’s possible for a politician to be

  6. el Toby :v says:

    Que le pasó a batman? :’v

  7. ifyouwantbochin says:

    Hey Dick! do you like Huey Lewis and the News?

  8. Bojan Kis says:

    Christian Bale is a God of transformation.

  9. Bilal Ahmed says:

    Cheney the bastard who orchestrated the tragedy of Iraq. Attacking and invading a country without UN approval is in itself illegal, let alone causing (directly and indirectly) death of roughly a million people. And USA got away with that with an unofficial “sorry”. Iraq, Libya and then Syria (thanks to God still survived) it was all a plan to remove the leaderships that posed a threat to Israel, even a little.

    No offense! I love Christian Bale’s acting though. Man’s actually a con artist, him and Amy Adams make a perfect duo. Also, it will be fitting if they made a movie on Iraq war and called that “American Hustle 2”.

  10. TheJulesLilly says:

    Evil incarnation dick cheney..

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