Venom (2018 movie) –

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10 Responses

  1. Smasher says:

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  2. Brucci Wayne Music says:

    how does this have 32k dislikes?????

  3. you have pretty eyeballs says:

    The cure – lullaby

  4. muhamad himan says:


  5. Dexplizit Gaming says:

    was that a licker from RE??

  6. coolbrando1 says:

    I like the music. Where’s that from if anyone knows?

  7. re.tr0 G says:

    Sooo is this gonna be an actual movie?

  8. KRAZY KATZ says:

    Put it at 0.25x at 1:00

  9. JACK_ MTG says:

    Venom is ‘we’ not ‘me’ -_-

  10. Jovanni Ruiz says:

    Love the ‘spider-man is having me for dinner tonight’ reference from The Cure

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