Usher x Zaytoven – Peace Sign –

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10 Responses

  1. John Smith Da 3rd says:

    KING….. two and a half decades consistency

  2. Chris Mctaw says:

    I just hope that Jacquees don’t remix this

  3. najmaj says:

    Ok Usher?, this a banger

  4. bigdap100 says:

    Interesting, a lot of wide angle street photography shots…all handheld too….interesting.

  5. moha ahmed says:

    Usher we all love

  6. alex elliott says:

    As ? as this song is. That girl at the beginning with that fake ass booty looks nasty!??

  7. grey ishimwe says:

    usher is the proof that black don’t crack?

  8. Devontay Cefalo says:

    I play this song a hundred times per day

  9. chatuphot says:

    Twin Collab ??

  10. Tiffany G says:


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