Trouble, Drake, Mike WiLL Made-It – Bring It Back –

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10 Responses

  1. scottjones28 says:

    Drake tho… Flames!!

  2. Gon Freecess says:

    The fucking beat is dirty, don’t think anyone can make this song shit

  3. Nathan Lerud says:

    I already sent my login to jimmy fallon and I’m pretty sure they determined I was a prophet and that was before I had all the proof of comms and knew about 911

  4. Nathan Lerud says:

    I’ll bet I can produce a platinum record

  5. Nathan Lerud says:

    Fuck it free bee this ones on me just don’t steal any of my other ideas so for rap you use Halloween sounding noises and for all music you go in a room where you can barely hear music playing and if you’re creative your mind let’s you imagine something new

  6. Nathan Lerud says:


  7. Hndrxx Gang says:

    What the moral

  8. akadimkz99 says:

    That beat build up up so sick and epic to just disappoint. smh. cold ass build up . I guess he really didn’t need this one . They could of killed it better. in pissed

  9. Leonel Saavedra says:

    Good luck with your cho cho! lol ??

  10. Marie Castillo says:


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