TLC – Haters –

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10 Responses

  1. DrekaStylez says:

    awesome song…love you ladies!!

  2. zeus howard says:

    good music

  3. Erika Neal says:

    i like the song. Really positive necessary message.

  4. Sabah M says:

    hey i am deaf too bad There is no subtitling for the deaf ! this clip is great !

  5. Blackween says:

    Its an OK song, just missing Left-Eye spitting a rap verse.

  6. Audrey Carter says:

    I love TLC but its time to retire

  7. blackjade101 says:

    Super low budget

  8. Dave Humphrey says:


  9. John Srey says:

    90’s artist make a comeback and show these current artists real music! XD

  10. Psycho Lucas says:

    this sounds like a Disney song lowkey

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