Thirty Seconds To Mars – Walk On Water –

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10 Responses

  1. mcjerry hey says:

    Wonderful #echelon

  2. Angelika Owczarz says:

    Najlepsi jak zawsze #Poland

  3. Bahtiar Al Mubarok says:

    I hope others song will better on rock and alternative rock such as The Kill, From Yesterday, This is War… but, Walk On Water is good, for me this score is 62%

  4. Tibu Ron says:

    Stop talkin shit,people…It’s a great song…Don’t like it,don’t listen,simple…So sick of “It’s pop,sound like or more of the same..” Wanna hear a band who made the same and still stay on top? Listen to Iron Maiden,the only band who can do really good music throughout his career…IT’S A GREAT SONG,AND ONE MORE LIGHT OF LP IS AN AWESOME RECORD..!!!

  5. Nig Nig says:

    Want my old shit? Buy my old album. – A. Yates

  6. bangtan's WIG says:


  7. T En says:

    YESSS they’re back. Love Lust Faith + Dreams was my ISH! Looking forward to the album!

  8. bloop boop says:

    I like it except for the ooohhh,ooh part.

  9. Maribel Garcia says:

    Ooohhh rock that energy!!!! Yeaaah I love it!!!

  10. Ryan Gelder says:

    Talk about fucking boring

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