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  1. Anthuán Sands says:

    This film is truly shitty i dont liked anything at all

  2. justme 54 says:

    Amphibian Man, many versions of Beauty and the Beast, Twilight Saga, Lucifer, Warm Bodies, I, Frankenstein, Beastly, Vampire Diaries…. even King Kong, Hulk, A Monster in Paris, Games of Thrones, Dexter, The Astronaut’s Wife, Suicide Squad… what do they have in common? women giving themselves to everyone or everything that put them in the center of their existence, make them the first priority, protect them, doesn’t matter if it’s a “good guy” or a “bad guy”, call it romantic or stupid…

  3. Jaxon Burgess says:

    A good movie, but as many point out, also a rip-off of someone else’s work. Even the title was stolen from a good 1994 novel by Andrea Camilleri, though the stories are completely different.

  4. GerOnimO JoNes says:

    Just saw this and thought it was great. The main actress was amazing. The whole cast really.

  5. Blondie Lady says:

    All I keep thinking of is Abe Sapien when I watch this.

  6. J Johnson says:

    Um…what the hell are you people smoking? Just saw this movie and I’m not sure if I want to shit or throw up right now…or throw up, then shit…or shit and throw up at the same time. What kinda drugs are they doing in Hollywood now cuz I’m pretty sure they got a bad batch. FUCK!!!

  7. The Guitarist says:

    Acting was good. Movie was well made but plot was dumb. They ran out of ideas. If someone asks me what the movie is about, it’s impossible to explain it without making the movie sound really bad. “oh it’s about a girl who falls in love with a sea monster and then has sex with it.” “What’s the genre?” Bestiality/drama. Like come on.

  8. Monica Abascal says:

    Just three words: The best movie!

  9. ov 1 says:

    I hope that Sally Hawkins will win The Oscar for the Best Actress.

  10. Briar Gataua says:

    He’s Abe !! from hellboy ? well I’m getting those vibes waaaaaiiiiitttt he’s Abe’s dad ??????

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