THE DARK TOWER (2017 movie) –

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10 Responses

  1. joziu says:

    HBO should of got their claws into it and made it into a series. This was like watching someone watering and artificial black daffodil with vinegar in the middle of winter – just wrong on so many levels.

  2. Joey G says:

    Dad-a-chum? Dum-a-chum? Ded-a-chek? Did-a-chick?

  3. thatdearguy says:

    Matthew was a really good casting choice for this.

  4. abesimpson616 says:

    Nice Action Movie. But i’m sad it has nothing to do with the dark tower books by Stephen King.

  5. Brent Irwin says:

    So…we have the house, but no Eddie or Odetta. It’s too bad too, because Idris Elba is going to be an epic Roland, but it doesn’t look like he has much to work with.

  6. Gamer Johnradio says:

    I like it but why Sony? Why

  7. нαяlεү qυιηη says:

    Way to not give credit to the kid even though he was in a large majority of the trailer

  8. Сергей Тяпкин says:

    Roland black! Yes, they ohrenili or something! … hang someone who wrote the script on the birch tree!

  9. Hider Hadi says:


  10. Shinobi says:

    did the writers even read the first paragraph of the books?
    not one thing in the trailers were in the books apart from revolvers and a tower.

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