The Chainsmokers – Everybody Hates Me –

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10 Responses

  1. Ritesh Koundal says:

    Welcome to narcissism….

  2. Joey Hsu says:

    How do you know that???

  3. Bhimjiyani Vats says:

    Ain’t it very similar to* sick boy* in term of flow of the song

  4. Lyrics Genius says:

    (everybody hates me lyrics video)

  5. Echonox says:


  6. Fearless Gamer1001 says:

    Chainsmoker rocks

  7. Michelle Tng says:

    no shit

  8. reshika kk says:

    Why are songs only about sex drugs ugh

  9. Rizqi Ramadhan R says:

    Here I am again. I just want to be honest. After watched this, it’s better than just listening the Audio.. you’re good, creating your own music, but when you work together (like dont let me down, all we know, something just like this etc) it’ll be huge. please make music like that again.

  10. Ming says:

    Wow 😍😍😍😍😍

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