The Black Eyed Peas – BIG LOVE –

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10 Responses

  1. M says:

    Thanks for making this.

  2. Diego Nieves says:


  3. Youcef Hadji says:


  4. Kaho says:


  5. EvenStevenSays says:

    Is Fergie in this? She’s not in the Black Eyed Peas Band thumbnail?

  6. Dreadful says:

    Why isn’t this viral?!

  7. tptCJ says:

    I think they missed the scene where he was able to get in to a school with “an illegal” weapon in the first place; it just kind of skipped that part. I know what they are trying to do with this, but unfortunately some mentally ill weirdo is going to see this and get the idea to bring a gun into the school. Hopefully not though and only spreads love.

  8. Chris Daniels says:

    Propaganda. The people that believe this are the ones they call sheep. Follow the stars to your own hell or wake up and don’t watch this bullshit

  9. China Doll says:

    The whole world needs to see this video

  10. Saffie The roblox player says:

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