The Aftermath (2019 movie)-

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10 Responses

  1. Marie-Laure Biakou says:

    is the plot written by Keira Herself?

  2. Hajira Naeem says:

    This is my first time watching the trailer and the minute she didn’t shake his hand I knew they were gonna have an affair

  3. lllSusan1224lll says:

    A movie that’s supposed to evoke pity or even guilt for how the Germans were being treated after the war? Sure, poor them.

  4. xBassel92x says:

    Who watches these movies ??? They look so boring and predictable …. What is the point …..

  5. Melania MoneyPenny says:

    Bitch fucked a nazi.

  6. Shaira Baje says:

    Seriously guys if you don’t like the movie then just piss off!! YOU DON’T HAVE TO CRITICIZE EVERYTHING YOU DON’T LIKE.. that’s just plain rude and stupid

  7. Y-Travel Travel-X says:

    I love Kiera knightly she is so classy and so lovely

  8. Fiona.Rose says:

    Nowhere is this trailer does it make out that cheating is okay. Can people stop making assumptions? Can people also stop making assumptions that the world is so black and white about such matters, full stop?

  9. Aimah Aimah says:

    Ada apa yaaaaa

  10. Aimah Aimah says:

    Hai perkenalkan nama saya dewi

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