Swizz Beatz & French Montana – SWIZZMONTANA – ipasm.com

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9 Responses

  1. افلام 2017 says:

    i’m frensh bb comment allez vous ♥

  2. sylenceexposed says:

    DMX is the reason this dude was ever famous. All his shit sounds like it was made for DMX

  3. De Sauce NL says:

    I can smell
    Collaboration project from a mile away ???

  4. Ayoub BDH says:

    Franche montana

  5. Youssra Amir says:

    A Love you french Montana

  6. Window Joe says:

    French is that that dude ?

  7. JoeySkate24 says:

    The beat is very repetitive and too complicated but the worst thing of this is that the whole rap flow is pretty trash…it doesnt compliment the beat at all

  8. Alphonso Beaty says:


  9. IxD3C1PH3RxI says:

    Lit song ??

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