ScHoolboy Q witH Travis Scott – CHopstix –

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10 Responses

  1. CASHPABLO says:

    this song not worth a video tbh

  2. Arf Gamer says:


  3. JC Herring says:

    They better keep the orchestration on the album.

  4. FELIX Music says:

    Travis really only had to say a few words to make a banger

  5. SUB 2 FUNHAUS says:

    Tried to create another “That Part” but failed horribly….. Schoolboy is better than this… This is beneath him

  6. TrackhouseMusic says:

    Throwaway. The most average schoolboy q song I’ve ever heard in my life.. hope others out there like it tho and it boosts his fan-base

  7. Ethan E says:

    Asian people be like

  8. yor mam says:

    Imma give it a big triple NO just because of this clown being on the hook, come on Q you can get some actually talented people in here. I fw Q but this individual called Travis Scott is pure shit

  9. TigerClaws217 says:

    This is garabage

  10. FERNANDEZ ' says:

    Traviiiiiisssss ??????????????????

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