Remy Ma – Wake Me Up ft. Lil’ Kim –

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10 Responses

  1. InfinityGTv says:

    The song would better if nicki was on I️t ???

  2. Symon Ferreira says:

    Hip Hop <3

  3. Lucii pineApple says:

    Remy looks good

  4. Shanika Gordon says:

    Yes!! I am LOVING this video!

  5. Artrisha Anderson says:

    Y is she spending time rapping on Nicki. Like Nicki don’t care boo

  6. Willie Bennett says:

    I listen to this everyday ????

  7. Mimi Rojas says:

    They both suck can never be on Nicki’s level

  8. Claudio Martins says:

    bitch, u is a fckn fraud, go against nicki it’s gon cost ya

  9. Cool as Ice says:


  10. ur mom says:

    this video is totally Satanist

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