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  1. Simiral Entertainment says:

    Cinema is the main art for everyone. And the water sometimes has a shape,especially if it’s champagne in a glass of the winner. Today will be another beautiful night in LA, and the stars will be shining bright. Oscar is a finer reward than you could ever dare hope for. And please, the huge commissions are reward enough for everyone who wants to make a movie. We’re going to the cinema. Come with us. ))

  2. Just Basics says:

    All the comments from celebrities taking the piss out of sexual harassment on award shows is shameful and down right pathetic.
    All they are doing is talking about it just to cover it up even more, kind of like a double bluff. Jimmy Kimmel put it perfectly, he said “The world is now watching us” The big heads of Hollywood are never gonna be brought to justice so lets just talk about it instead. Racism is also a big talking point on these shows too, its just mental how much they talk about it. It only really exists from the news reporting it every day. Most Celebrities are pond scum and they have sold their soul to the elite end of story.

  3. Izzy Straker says:

    Guillermo checking the envelope 😀

  4. Ser Dar says:

    Her dress is not nice.

  5. Henry digskills says:

    Thank god we have the communists at the gaurdian to protect us

  6. Groundhog Day 1993 is AWESOME! says:

    YUP, Jimmy you’re right at least. This vid made me laugh! xD

  7. Trumplovin Wigga says:

    Kimmel is a big bloated left leaning queer vagina

  8. Trumplovin Wigga says:

    Incestuous Hollywood

  9. Patricia Estell says:

    These people love themselves don’t they?

  10. Anna Marcalleti says:


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