Nothing But Thieves – Broken Machine –

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10 Responses

  1. mikyZ93 says:

    Thank you guys!! The album is a masterpiece ??

  2. Addict with a uke says:

    WOW THIS IS SO GOOD!! How is it possible that I like this more than the original … ?! ??

  3. Pyriscent Music says:

    Not going to lie the digital drums ruined this great song. I get they want to be different but what is wrong with an electric drum set? Having a computer play the drums is not friendly to a creative bending of time. It makes that impossible in fact and it sounds robotic.

  4. noorul balqis says:

    Sweater paws how cuteee

  5. Brooklyne Trimble says:

    That’s maaaa boooiiiiyyss kill’n it

  6. emschats says:

    These guys are ridiculously good. Every song just seems to crawl into my head and won’t leave once it’s in there.

  7. A very very long long long youtube channel name says:

    those sleeves kill me !

  8. Mat Dynon says:

    Geez this song Grows on you! Better with every listen..

  9. Typing Service says:


  10. kaffx2f's says:

    Nothingbutthevesgasm ??

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