Mustard & Migos – Pure Water –

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10 Responses

  1. SoNaP Gaming says:

    1:54 Quavo hittin the buss down ayy we lit in this mf xD

  2. Ercan Onder says:

    i like this, what a song…

  3. arshad shakoori says:

    Only mustard where my boy ketchup at?

  4. Nocap Bo-jack says:

    I’m a fan but this boring af!

  5. Megi Hanxhari says:

    Pure water, pure cocaine, pure tea.
    Thank you, next.

  6. PewDiePie Jr. says:

    If you dont play this song with only the instrumental i will shoot you…

  7. Elphine Ndebele says:

    My NIGGA TAKEOFF!! Ran wit it ??‍♂️

  8. Aatif Azaz says:

    Smokin ?? ace’s….

  9. Yuh.Boii.Vinni Y.B.V. says:

    PURE ??????

  10. Im EtienneBerlin says:

    I can’t understand something but i think it is pure whater (I’m from germany)

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