MNEK – Colour ft. Hailee Steinfeld –

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10 Responses

  1. Nadine Grace says:

    Huh, this sounds strangely similar to Todrick Hall’s song Color

  2. Peasant MSP says:

    It’s been trending in England for so long.

  3. Richiee Original says:

    Love this track!!! ?

  4. Q T says:


  5. Vale H. says:

    So nobody’s gonna talk about MNEK’s cute dance moves and face? (Lo amé ahr?

  6. sara larsson says:

    This guy s so sweet XD

  7. Jack Wanjala says:

    Why yall acting like MNEK didn’t contribute anything to the song

  8. paula gimenes says:

    I love hailee?

  9. Sara Sims says:

    Wowww I love this song it gives me so much energy

  10. Nomo Batsukh says:

    MNEK = Unique& i ❤️ Ur Voice ???

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