London On Da Track and G-Eazy ft. City Girls, Juvenile – Throw Fits –

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10 Responses

  1. Brocko Ashanti says:

    G – eazy looked out of place…. I mean those high water shorts smfh. Song straight though!

  2. Gregory Moutzouris-Lygeros says:

    Fake Nicky Minaz both bad

  3. Jessica Burden says:

    G easy is pollution on this song.

  4. Logan Craig says:

    These niggas was cold with it like frfrz

  5. Aleena Wagner says:

    why’s g-eazy so fine

  6. Pat D says:

    Dope song ?????

  7. N A says:

    Y’all stay trying to let white ppl into hip hop. When they take over the joke will be on you.

  8. DeltaRoots says:

    Juvenile solidified it ??

  9. No LimiT says:

    G Eazy the Great…

  10. Deep Jyoti Basumatary says:

    0:14 I’m obsessed with this woman?… Tell me who she is..

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