Kygo & Imagine Dragons – Born To Be Yours –

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10 Responses

  1. Sonja Osk says:

    He looks like the man in wrong turn xx

  2. FastNoobLP Critical-ops says:

    Kygo and Imagine Dragons Best!!!!!

  3. Nihal Mohammed says:

    Reminds me of avicii ❤️

  4. Delfi Riddle says:

  5. Ngọc Vương says:

    I watch your video everyday with a hope that it will get 1 billion views. ^^

  6. gg no re says:

    reminds me of dj snake- you know you like it

  7. Skiper747 says:

    so he’s gay now? wtf??

  8. Monica B says:

    Soon as you saw the deer head, you knew what was up

  9. Nirman Sapkota says:

    Woah…that escalated!!!

  10. _ TmoLLy_Official- says:


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