Khalid – Young Dumb & Broke –

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10 Responses

  1. claire margaret says:

    normani normani normani normani

  2. abacada seesyou says:

    Compare these people to today’s highschool kids today and they could look like they’re parents

  3. Christine Kaus says:

    CLASS OF 2008! (except i dropped out lol)

  4. Jissel Sandoval says:

    Class of 2023 anyone ? ???

  5. Muslim United says:

    so special song 😀 !!

  6. Jacob Moro says:

    Instant favorite


    Young Dumb And Broke HEYY…..FUCK IT!!!???

  8. Shana Oh says:

    ” i’m so high at the moment ”???

  9. Kara Wigley says:

    This song is EVERYTHING I’m feeling right now ?❤??

  10. ebola by flakka says:


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