Juice WRLD – Fast – ipasm.com

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10 Responses

  1. HaifischTv says:

    Here before 5 million views! Who is with me?

  2. Tier Ferox says:

    Here before 100 000 000 views …

  3. Elisabeth Nordin says:

    Good song, even if its about getting rich its still got relatable themes. Much better than most of the lyrics on the radio. We’re all a bit sad, huh.

  4. ツHurxy says:

    Share sum stories to me by replying cuz I want to hear sum stories?

  5. Dank Meme says:

    I didn’t know he was only 19 wtf?

  6. VenDetta says:

    Whoever pressed the dislike button doesnt have a conscience ? this is official ???

  7. NeWWarr officiel says:


  8. Xxunknown playerxX says:

    01:39 when you gf breaks up wid u

  9. SheynZ says:

    wtf i didn’t jumped on the notif and now i regret

  10. Speichers says:

    So shit

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