Jorja Smith – Where Did I Go –

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10 Responses

  1. Pietro Mascheroni says:


  2. Brandon Kieran says:

    Jorja is a queen.

  3. Scarlett Love says:

    Black excellence

  4. noe palacios says:

    muy bueno

  5. glaze vii says:

    i get such big sade vibes from her

  6. Scarlet Onyx says:

    I love her omg

  7. Oziel Oliveira says:

    Apaixonado pela música

  8. Lupita Jimenez Conde says:

    Q voz??

  9. Camila Guedes says:

    Linda música. Voz encantadora ?❤

  10. SPFChannel3 says:

    I came from the ad, this sounds beautiful!

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