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10 Responses

  1. OliAliNes3723 says:

    not bad although i know it’s not the real thing

  2. Alfredo Coronado says:

    hey…..wait: A selection of frames from previous films. Nothing new

  3. Terri Setzer says:

    It is gust other movies of James Bond.

  4. WorkclockLordRay says:

    Is it just me or I saw a lot of Spectre scenes

  5. Acadix _68 says:

    I hope Léa Seydoux/ Madeleine is again the James Bond girl but i think not because she was the best James Bond girl with Wesper Lynn

  6. STive HD says:

    why the fuck do u have scene from mission impossible ???????????? WTF

  7. Yo To says:

    Motherfucker even used a scence from mission impossible

  8. GeV says:

    Dougray Scott or Michael Sheen should be the next Bond.

  9. lilek78 says:

    Craig is the best 007

  10. Baright Halder says:

    faking taliar not a oo7

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