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10 Responses

  1. Ana Rodrigues says:

    ‘Oh butterflies
    You steal my sleep each night’ ❤

  2. Neighbour of BLACKS. says:

    *Good song !*

  3. Neighbour of BLACKS. says:

    *These all Overrated Black Songs don’t even matter in music. When they have poor Lyrics and Shitty Videos. THEY CAN NEVER MAKE A MUSIC VIDEO AND A SONG LIKE A WHITE SINGER. FACT* Great video. James, Amazing singing !! Love it . Dude!

  4. JKL kyloe says:

    hey, guessing this will be a good song to sing to my crush??

  5. Brie M says:

    another steve harrington

  6. yanny chiou says:

    Short hair <3

  7. Shannon. says:

    I can imagine this being played in The Vampire Diaries (if it was still airing).

  8. Lisa Roberts says:

    Let our heaets be the only sound

  9. Julio Galarza Medina says:

    I miss the boy with the guitar, long hair and a ring in his finger

  10. Moj Profil says:

    this is awesome, what are you talking guys?

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