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10 Responses

  1. Gwín luv says:

    Big Dreez???? I swear he found his queen?

  2. :/ says:

    he lowkey look like a mix between quavo and lil wayne

  3. Nathyn Molina says:

    I aint pressed but im interested ????

  4. Mz Ty says:

    Drezzy girl, I’m a lil jealous!!!

  5. Nakee Burton says:


  6. иван кольский says:


  7. Dom S. says:

    Sooo underrated!

  8. Fikret Celik says:

    Sounds like a Donell Jones joint.

  9. Darlene & Marisa says:

    His voice, his music amazing

  10. Abd al Raziq says:

    I don’t know, he seemed pretty pressed in the video.

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