Imagine Dragons – Whatever It Takes –

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10 Responses

  1. Karen Jaime says:

    5.5M de vistas

  2. Thiago Matos says:

    Salve from Brasil!

  3. KingOfLegendz says:

    Yo who’s watching this in 1872?

  4. luke sheehan says:

    This is such a good song/tune ?

  5. MegaCocozim says:

    This came out of nowhere lol

  6. Jumper plays says:


  7. Djamil Achouri says:


  8. JadoLive -Mustafa says:

    Bu adamların her şarkısı super amk

  9. Broken Dreams says:

    Who is here before the song blows up?

  10. Skye says:


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