How to stick to a healthy diet in 2017 –

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5 Responses

  1. Francisco Iramain says:

    OMG this video is so on point! I’ve been doing this for a few weeks already
    where I prepare the night before my gym clothes for the next day at home,
    set up my supplements and vitamins and the coffee pot, and my lunch and
    dinner for the day. For me it just makes it easy and direct and I go
    straight to my workout.

  2. Peter Tuohy says:

    So funny, i dug out a vienetta from the freezer while watching this – i
    know what you mean though – at some points in my recent life I have cleared
    out all the rubbish like sugar etc but then because I didnt plan my menus
    well i ended up going to local store at 10pm and buying rubbish.I have been
    doing gluten and dairy free recently for a few weeks at a time and that has
    been good. January is my next big one

  3. Raheel .K says:

    Thanks for replying Mario, love most of your videos.

  4. Shabs A says:

    Great vid mario :)

  5. mikevfaraci says:

    You’re speaking to me tonight man! I’m eating broccoli and humus and
    looking at my gym bag, thinking I can’t wait to go to the gym in the

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