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10 Responses

  1. Baekhyun Rolling His Eyes says:


  2. Hermanbob says:

    I, as a fan of lyrical hip hop and a hater for pop music, love this song. A song that can gain commercial success while portraying an important message or an emotion from an artist is automatically a great song. This checks all the boxes. Halsey is definitely not like an Ariana Grande or a Taylor Swift. Her music is faaaaar superior in terms of lyrical quality. This song definitely goes on my playlist.

    Also, i’m a 16 year old buy so its not like i can relate to some of the stuff she says, I just understand

  3. Allen Moore says:

    Halsey with BTS= ?????
    Halsey in nightmare= ?♟??

  4. Mariama Sow says:


  5. Cistal Tweet says:

    It sounds like a Yungblood ? okayyy

  6. Zainey Kirby says:

    obsesssed <3

  7. Akaneiro says:

    It’s sounds a bit repetitive

  8. Natalia Sanchez Barrilero says:

    I love your music Halsey ??

    Your music identifies people

    and makes oneself feel better

    Sometimes even makes us feel your story and that people like it because it gives us the feeling of feeling for what you’ve been through

  9. Mama Heng says:

    Love it?

  10. LYM Pel0tuda says:

    I can not stop watching this song

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