Gorillaz – Humility – ipasm.com

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10 Responses

  1. elecTro says:

    This is just a perfect song

  2. Julia Broussard says:

    Fucking Jack Black

  3. Artymations Kiba says:

    Isn’t it weird how 2D’s eye’s were white then turned back to black at the end? Could that mean something…

  4. The Specter Wolf says:

    Hello kinky

  5. Aileen Olmos says:

    3:09 i still think it’s weird how 2D had his eyes go from white to black.

  6. Mr.Devin Guy says:

    What was with that last bit? 2D had his eyes glowing for a bit,then he just kinda skates away. Do those 2 hate each other?

  7. DasOmen02 says:

    Congrats on being in the top 50 on trending for a week straight ^^

  8. Thepikazapper05 says:

    anyone remember that comment on Strobelite about 2D’s pant height?

  9. Gabu says:


  10. Pablo RD says:

    Is that Murdoc? 1:34

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