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10 Responses

  1. Mateo Solano says:

    Oh yea this right here it ? old Future backkkk

  2. Dewayne K says:

    The visuals are crazy

  3. Andy Salazar says:

    Future started doing deep web videos now since he fell off. ?

  4. ofodile kingsley says:

    Went to Lagos, Nigeria, travelling from coast to coast ?

  5. MWAclanGaming says:

    This song was pure fire ?

  6. 21M views says:

    We want this Future back

  7. kebin igbagiri says:

    songs wayyyy too short

  8. Gas Rolled says:

    OG Mumbler Rapper for life, Future will always drop bangers!

  9. tiisetso lekitlane says:


  10. TesGon says:

    Thats some heavy Resident Evil sound flow? LOVING it!

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