French Montana ft. Blueface and Lil Tjay – Slide –

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10 Responses

  1. Miguel Allord says:

    When all they say is bitch slide like wtf is this garbage is what it be??

  2. Techno OG says:

    Damn I blinked n missed blueface turn.

  3. crispy boi says:

    Best song out rn

  4. naldo allen says:

    Legends says until this day blue face still can’t catch a beat

  5. Brian says:

    are those the skulls
    from the fall out boy vid

  6. Junaid Nadeem says:

    2:40 is what you all came for

  7. Mesrar Bachir says:

    Kona b9a flmaghrib maytafar ta9alwa

  8. Ghost Ghost says:

    If this grey you gay

  9. ayoub mouhtadi TV ! says:

    أول مغريبي

  10. Anthony Sorum says:

    This was ass asf

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